Avian Influenza (H5N8)

04/12/2020 – Press Release – New Measures to protect poultry against Avian Flu 2020


Today the chief Veterinary Officers for England, Wales and Scotland have announced new measures to protect poultry and captive birds.

From 14th December, it will be a legal requirement for all bird keepers to keep their birds indoors and take appropriate steps to keep them separate from Wild birds. You are advised to follow the strict updated biosecurity measures in order to limit the spread of and eradicate this highly infectious disease.

Bird keepers are advised to be vigilant for signs of disease and seek prompt advice from the surgery if you are concerned.

For more advice please see the following link GOVUK 





06/12/2016 – Goverment Press Release – New Measures to protect poultry against Avian Flu

We advise you follow the following link tor further information:
Protect against Poultry Avian Flu

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