Pet Passport

Pet Passports – New Regulations from 1st January 2012

Pet passports are becoming more and more popular for pet owners who wish to travel abroad with their pets.

The process is straightforward and these are the steps that you will need to follow.

Step 1 – your pet must have a microchip
Step 2 – your pet needs to have a rabies vaccination

It is no longer necessary for your pet to have a rabies blood test but it may still be prudent to confirm the vaccine has worked.

Step 4 – a final check up from the vet and the Pet Passport will be issued

Your pet may re enter the UK 21 days after the vaccination from countries within the Pet Travel Scheme. For countries outside the scheme your pet will require a rabies blood test and a 3 month wait before entry into the UK.

Pet passports are valid for 3 years – a rabies booster will be required every 3 years and the passport can be updated. This booster should not go overdue by one day as this would mean restarting the process again.

If you are planning to have an extended stay abroad the booster requirements may be different, please check with the vet or defra.

All dogs entering the UK will be required to be treated for tapeworms by a vet between 24 and 120 hours before entry.

This interval has been extended – previously the timescale was 24-36 hours before entry to the UK. It will no longer be mandatory for owners to treat their animals against ticks when bringing in animals from abroad, but it may still be advisable.

Contact the surgery and ask for an appointment with one of our vets who deals with pet travel, they will be able to give you individual advice.

For further information please visit the defra website.

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